At The Lindisfarne Clinic we provide all aspects of women’s health including preconception and antenatal care through to guidance and treatment for menopause.

We have Doctors qualified in the removal and insertion of both Implanon and Mirena contraceptives.

A family practice dedicated to caring for your children. Not only do our GP’s have extensive training in all aspects of child health, we also provide the services of onsite Paediatricians, Dr Sanda Smith, Dr Geoff Donegan and Dr Mudasir Mushtaq all located within our practice.

Many men do not have a regular Doctor, here at The Lindisfarne Clinic we take the time to establish a rapport with our male patients to provide the necessary health care required. Our doctors are available to discuss family history and risk factors for conditions including diabetes and mental health issues.

Our doctors are comprehensively trained and are here to provide the best possible care for all patients. In addition to their General Practice qualifications, several of our GPs have experience in special interest areas and are constantly continuing to further their occupational education.

The Doctors here at The Lindisfarne Clinic can assist with any preparations necessary for your next trip away, as well as administering all necessary childhood and government funded immunisations.

At our practice our doctors can offer advice, counselling and referrals when appropriate to other health care professionals such psychiatrists, and mental health counsellors. We also have an onsite Psychologists, Mr Glyn Spaulding and Penny Minehan who specialise in individual, couple and group therapy.

We ask that when making an appointment to discuss your concerns that you request a longer consultation, enabling the Doctor adequate time to address your questions.

As part of our commitment to the health and well-being of our patients we can provide health care plans to patients that suffer with a chronic medical condition. Our Doctors work closely with our experienced team of chronic disease nurses to structure ongoing medical treatment.

The Lindisfarne Clinic offers a vast array of onsite Allied Health specialists for patient’s wellbeing including Podiatrist James Walker, Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist James O’Meara, Dietician Josie Tilley, Psychologists Glyn Spaulding and Penny Minehan and Air Liquide leading provider of respiratory care services. Our Doctors can assist patients in accessing their care.
Our state of the art surgical grade procedure room utilized by both our GP’s and visiting specialists is fully equipped to allow our Doctor’s to perform an extensive array of surgical procedures.

The Lindisfarne Clinic perform comprehensive full body skin cancer checks using a high definition MoleMax digital dermoscopy system.  In conjunction with photographic imaging to monitor concerning moles and lesions.  The MoleMax system is the most sophisticated digital dermoscopy system available assisting in the early detection of malignant skin lesions.

Our team focusses on delivering safe and high quality service in regards to prevention, early detection and management of skin cancers with the most effective management of skin cancer being early detection and treatment.


Dr Ayush Srivastava is a Hobart based doctor who has been offering Scalpel free Vasectomy in the Greater Hobart region for over 5 years.