General Practitioner Consultations

Consultations Fee Rebate
Standard Consult (<20 minutes) $81 $38.20
Long Consult (20-30 minutes) $148 $73.95
Prolonged Consult (>30 minutes) $225 $108.85
Standard Consult (<15 minutes)
Fee $81
Rebate $38.95
Long Consult (15-30 minutes)
Fee $148
Rebate $73.95
Prolonged Consult (>30 minutes)
Fee $225
Rebate $108.85

Payment is required at the time of appointment.

This is a private clinic and all medical fees are payable at the time of consultation.

Medicare Safety Net Benefits

Patients are strongly encouraged to register their family for Medicare Safety Net benefits where higher rebates may be available and can significantly reduce out of pocket expenses (Medicare website).